Bhojpur Welfare Society UK Instructions for Summer Get–together (including Camping and BBQ Party) which will be held on 25 Jul 2015:

A. Bhojpur Welfare Society UK Committee Members’ Co-ordination Meeting held on 07th March 2015, Gulf – Club Greenford, UK.
B. Information reviewed from the last Year’s Annual Get-together Party 2014.
1. As stated in references A and B, Bhojpur Welfare Society UK’s Annual Get-together/Annual General Meeting concluded that this year’s Summer BBQ party will be held on 25th July 2015, aiming at bringing all UK Bhojpure families together. The event is set to be a mix of entertainment, interaction and important information. The programme for this year’s party will run according to the scheduled timetable in order to accommodate the important official program and various other entertainment activities within a limited timeframe. All the committee and general members, as well as the invited guests including chhori cheli tatha juwai chela are all requested to attend the party. The purpose of writing out these instructions is to outline the roles and responsibilities of individual committee member. It is also to inform the general members of Bhojpure welfare society about the annual gathering ensuring maximum attendance of all members. Therefore, on behalf of all committee members of Bhojpur Welfare Society, UK, I would like to invite you all with Chule Nimto to the 2015 summer party.

2. The main aims of the gathering are as follows;
a. To unite all Members and families of the Society
b. To maintain our culture and values
c. To improve and increase the membership of our welfare society
d. To educate our children about our culture and traditions
e. To maintain good relationship with other societies (District) within the UK
f. To appreciate and acknowledge academic qualifications and achievements.

3. All UK/Bhojpure Members including Chhori Cheli and Juwai Chelas, paid guests and invited guests are requested to join us at the get- together party.
VANUE (Place)
4. The Venue will be as follows:-
Kirat Rai House, Gamble Lane, Ripley, Woking, GU23 6HS
5. The Timings for the event are as follows:-
Date: – 25 July 2015
0800 to 830 hrs – All Committee Members to arrive.
0930 hrs – Set up the place and complete.
1030 hrs – General Members to arrive.
1045 hrs – Guests to arrive.
1100 hrs – Safety Briefing to all.
1105 hrs – Official Programme starts:-
Ashan Grahan & Badge Bitaran (Call forward CM/Chief/all invited Guests)
2 x Minutes Silence (Earthquake victims for Nepal)
KaryaKram Udghatan (Secrtary)
Nepali Rastriya Gaan (Nepali National Anthem)
Swagat Mantabya (Welcome Speech) By CM-1
Bhojpur Jilla Sambandhit geet
Award ceremony for all Students & Artists ( Samman tatha Kadar Patra)
Song and Dance

Guest Speech (as selected)
Chief Guest Speech
Chairman Speech (..)
Diwa Bhoj (Day Lunch)
Entertainment (Stage Songs & Dance)
Raffle Draw
Free Dance for all
1700 hrs – Clean up starts
1900 hrs – Party end.

6. The cost for the food and facilities is as follows:-
a. Adults = £10.00p
b. Children Ages (6-12) = £6.00p

7. ALL Committee Members and Area Representatives are kindly requested to collect and forward their attendees’ nominal roll to the secretary through email by 11th of Jul 2015 according to the sold tickets.

8. The information for the gathering will be uploaded through following medium:
a. Through secretary’s email to all addresses
b. Telephone and verbal contacts
c. On the Society’s website:-, is running now
d. On the Society’s Face Book (bhojpurwelfaresocietyuk)
e. Through all Committee Members and Area Representatives
f. Through the BFBS Near the time.
9. The following activities will take place as follows;
a. Meal Ticket Production: – The Membership Representative, Mr Dilip Rai, is responsible for creating and printing meal tickets. The tickets are sold by all the Committee Members and Area Representatives as agreed.
b. Membership Card: The Membership Representative, Mr Dilip Rai, is responsible for creating and printing membership cards and application form which will be available to everyone at Reception Desk on arrival.
c. Food Tickets: The Treasurer, Mr Rom Mukarung, and Asst Treasurer Mrs Bishnu Kumari Rai are responsible for keeping a check on the sold tickets, which must be shown prior to entering the event. The sold tickets will be collected at the Food Stall prior to serving food. Any remaining tickets will also be sold on the desk for anyone who wishes to attend the party.
d. Registration: Member Mr Maha Prasad Rai and Miss Romia Rai are responsible for registering the attendee’s nominal roll on the Registration Book provided.
e. Programme Run: Secretary Mr Raj Kumar Tamang is responsible for running the programme supported by Assistant Secretary Mrs Bimla Kumari Rai.

10. The Membership facilities will be available at the Reception Desk. The membership fee for three (3) Years, is £20.00 (Twenty pounds only) and for the Life Membership is £125.00 (One hundred and twenty five pounds). All members holding a membership of Bhojpur Welfare society UK are requested to bring your Membership Card(s) and show at the reception desk to save time from checking the members’ data. Therefore, Membership Representative, Mr Dilip Rai, is requested to prepare the following paper works as follows:-
a. Membership Long Roll
b. Membership forms
c. Membership card
d. Receipts
e. Society Stamp
f. Other associated documents as required

11. The Secretary Mr Rajkumar Tamang and property member Mr Bhakta Bahadur Rai are responsible for bringing these things, ie, Society Banner, both Flags, Big Candle Stands x2, Gagri x2, Chest badges, Khatas (Garlands), all kind of Academic Certificates and other associated items as required.

12. The following Members are nominated for the above tasks:-
VC-Mr Subarna Tamrakar (In-Charge) Member Mr Jitendra Adhikari, Member Mr Bhakta Bahadur Rai and Advisor- Mr Rudra Bahadur Shrestha. In-Charge is to liaise with the Secretary and the assistant Treasurer Mrs Bishnu Kumari Rai for transportation.

13. All Committee Members are responsible for setting up everything as required for the event and to finish by 9:30pm. Therefore, I would kindly like to request all available members to come on 24th July 2015 by 1400 hrs to set up the followings;
a. Set up Tent/Shelters.
b. Set up Chairs & Tables
c. Set up BBQ Stands
d. Set up Cooking and food stall
e. Set up Sound systems
f. Assemble all Committee members to attend at 8:00am to 8:30 am
g. Set up complete by – 9:30am

14. Member, Mr Man Bahadur Rai & Asst Member Mr Uma Raj Tamang are responsible for managing and selling all the drinks at low cost. The following drinks will be available and the price list will also be displayed.
a. Soft Drinks: – ( Diet coke, Original Coke, Sprite & Fanta)
b. Juices
c. Water
d. Beer (Stella & Fosters)
e. Whiskey – (Famous Grouse/Red Level) f, Wine (Red & White)

15. Alcohol will be sold on the premises under Off Licence holder certificate. It is reminded that those who sell and drink alcohol must be above 18 according to the British law. It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 18 in the UK.

16. The following menu will serve as follows;
A. Main meal:-
Plain basmati Rice
Kalo Daal
Mix Vegetables
Pork Belly (BBQ Cooked)
Chicken Wings (BBQ Cooked)
Chicken Sausages (BBQ Cooked)
Green chillies and salt & Mixed Salads
Tomatoes Chutney
b. Desert
Ice cream

17. All shopping items as per serial No-12 for the event, are to be purchased by the responsible members by Friday, Jul 2015 as discussed and agreed in the last Committee’s Coordination Meeting. All invoices/Bills are to be handed over to the Treasurers at the earliest time as possible to work out all the expenditures and incomes.
A. General Shopping list are as follows:-
By Chef Mr Bikash Rai
1. Pork Belly
2. Chicken Wings
3. Chicken Sausages

B. By Advisor Mr Rudra Bahadur Shrestha, VC Subarna Tamrakar & Member Ram Gurung
1. Basmati Rice
2. Vegetables (Satay)
3. Mixed Vegetables
4. Tomatoes
5. Salt
6. Peppers
7. Garlic Paste
8. Oil
9. Charcoal x 20 bags
10. Green chillies and salt & Mixed Salads
11. Paper plates/cups/Tissues
12. Big table candles X 2
13. Other items as required
C. Drinks to shop
a. Soft Drinks: – (Soft drinks-Coke Diet/Red/Sprite & Fanta)
b. Juices
c. Water
d. Beer (Stella & Fosters)
e. Whiskey – (Famous Grouse/Red Level)
f. Wine (Red & White)
D. Stores:- The following stores will be used as follows:
1. Stage Tents
2. Portaloo
3. Tables & Chairs
4. BBQ Stands
E. Additional store (Jitendra Adhikari & Dharmendra Pariyar)
1. Tables GS portable x 15
2. Chairs folding x 30

18. All Guests are responsible for making their own transport arrangements. It is suggested to book a Minibus, if there is a big group of Bhojpure members coming from your local area, such as London. (Note that the venue is not accessible by bus) The Secretary Mr Rajkumar Tamang is responsible for booking the transport and driver liaising with assistant Treasurer Mrs Bishnu Kumari Rai to collect the shopped stores for the day.

DRESS codes
19. For gentlemen – All Committee Members are kindly requested to wear smart casual clothes, preferably with tie or other Nepalese/cultural costume.
For the Ladies Committee Members: – Sari or cultural dress as agreed in the coordination meeting.
For the gentlemen- Smart Casual with tie or Nepali National dress
General Members- All General Members and families are encouraged to wear cultural dress if possible. It is a good opportunity to teach our children about our cultural identity, as well as to appreciate cultural diversity, in spite of living abroad. (This is suggested only)

20. Entertainment Coordinator Member Mr Bir Chandra Rai is responsible for providing all kinds of music who will be supported by Mr Chandra Ghale & Mr Gangaraj Rai throughout the event. 2 x wireless microphones are to be provided. The entertainment package consists of:
a. Dance – Children/others
b. Live Stage – By Local Artist (Bhojpure)
c. Cocktail Songs and Dances –
All Food arrangements for the artists are free of charge

21. The following Guests will be invited this year, as in previous years.
A. Non-Paying Guests: – The Chair persons and their husbands/wives or any representatives for the day.
1. Khotang Sewa Samaj UK
2. Dhankuta Sewa Samaj UK
3. Sangkhuwasava Sewa Samaj UK
4. Taplejung Sewa Samaj UK
5. Myadi (MONA) Sewa Samaj UK
6. Pachther Sewa Samaj UK
7. Terhathum Sewa Samaj UK
8. Solukhumbu Sewa Samaj UK
9. Ilam Sewa Samaj UK
B. Chief Guest:-
This will be a senior member of the community.
C. Paying Guests: – Bhojpur Welfare Society would kindly like to invite all the sisters (Chelibeties, Juwain Chelas) and their children. Those who are married in the UK and also some members who are actively playing top role in other society to appreciate their volunteer work. Lists are as follows;
1. Sherpa Sangh UK
2. Kirat Rai Yayokha UK
3. Tamang Sangh UK
4. Gurung Sangh UK
5. Gurkha Welfare Society UK
6. Chhetri Sangh UK
7. Newar Sangh UK
8. Magar Sangh UK
9. Others if any

22. The Secretary Mr Rajkumar Tamang and Asst Secretary Mrs Bimla Kumari Rai are responsible for sending out the invitations cards to all the guests listed above.

23. The Society is going to appreciate the following achievements:-
a. Graduation Degree
b. Master Degree
c. PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
d. Nursing above Graduation Degree
e. Doctors
f. Pilots
g. Engineers
h. Lawyers
i. Sahitya and Sangeet and others

24. Raffle draw – There will be a Raffle draw event during the party. Members, Miss Romia Rai & Mr Maha Prasad Rai are responsible for arranging everything required for the raffle draw event including tickets and pens etc. Members/Shops/Organizations or anyone wishing to sponsor prizes or donate money to the society are always welcome. Obviously, this income will be transferred to the Society’s account.

25. The Media member, Mr Bikash Rai, is responsible for taking photos and videos throughout the event and uploading them on to the Society’s Website.

26. DRINKING & DRIVING has (0) zero tolerance in UK. The Bhojpur Welfare Society, UK will not be responsible for any such kind of incident whatsoever. Please keep yourself within the limits as required by the law.

27. It is of a paramount importance as this briefing will be given prior to the commencement of the event by the secretary Mr Rajkumar Tamang/Asst Secretary Mrs Bimla Kumari Rai.

28. For any kind of issues or concerns on the aforementioned subjects, the main point of contacts will be the Secretary or members of staff. If any casualties or illness occurs during the event, an ambulance will be called by dialing 999 or 112 & casualties will be sent to the nearest hospital.

29. The following nominated executive Members: – Mr Prem Bahadur Rai, Mr Devi Rai & Mr Dip Rai are responsible for Security & Control throughout the event. However, in case any issues and suspicious matters, please let the members of staff know first which will be reported to the relevant agencies, such as local Police by dialling 999 or 112 immediately.

30. The Members Mr Prem Bahadur Rai, Mr Devi Rai & Mr Dip Rai will be in charge of car parking tickets and are responsible for allocating car parking space on the day of the event. The Society will not take any kind of responsibility for damages or vandalism, lost & theft.

31. The Toilet facilities – Portaloo toilets will be available in the premises for both categories; Male and Female.

32. It is strictly prohibited to disturb the Local Communities and residential/private properties.

33. The Risk Assessments – The venue is overall covered by KRY UK. However, the Party ground is surrounded by pond, small cannels, bushes, undulating and fences. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to look after yourself and your children. CHILD CONTROL

34. It is entirely parents’ responsibility to look after their children throughout the event as there will NO Child minder AVAILABLE.

35. All executive committee members are responsible for dismantling, packing-up, cleaning up areas and disposing rubbishes, and are expected to stay until the end of the party.

36. The annual BBQ Party, post meeting will be notified in due course…

37. All the above things are to be handed over to the Treasurer, Mr Rom Mukarung, at the earliest opportunity. All income will be added to the project discussed and agreed.

38. Any lost and damaged items are to be reported to the Secretary. In the event of any damages/incidents occurring in the premises, the post party meeting will be decided in the post party meeting.

39. £10 for everyone and £6 for children of 6-12 age group.

40. Any points and suggestions regarding the event are to be forwarded to the secretary as soon as possible. It must be notified to the Chairman without delay.

41. The annual get-together is very important with the aim to unite all UK-Bhojpur Members and families, preserve our cultural identity, educate the children about our cultural and traditional values, as well as to improve the society’s membership. The other purpose of this gathering is to share our pain and happiness with each other while having good time with families, friends and relatives. We, the Committee Members, would like to encourage you all to come and enjoy the summer BBQ party. Without your attendance and support we won’t be successful in achieving our aims. So, I would like to request you to take some time out from your busy schedule and to join us to the Bhojpure gathering which I sure will make you reminisce the times (Purano chhyan & Yadharu) of Bhojpur. Let’s make good memories and enjoy ourselves!!!
Therefore, I would kindly like to request for help and support of all committee members in making the annual BBQ get-together party successful.
On behalf of the Committee Members of Bhojpur Welfare Society, UK, would like to invite all the general members, cheli beties, juwai chelas & invited guests. My best wishes to all of you. I look forward to seeing everyone on this day.



Sudesh kmr rai
Vice Chairman
Bhojpur Welfare Society UK
Event Coordinator
Mob: – 07888739340
Email: –

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